Pathways to further study

Swinburne makes it easy to progress between courses and achieve your educational goals.

Courses that offer pathways to degrees

We offer courses across a number of study levels, allowing you to progress to another course or benefit from previous studies. This includes degrees, diplomas, certificates and English language courses. Swinburne also offers courses designed to prepare you for direct entry to a bachelors degree.

English language courses

Swinburne's English language courses can help improve your English to prepare you for further study.

Foundation Year

Swinburne Foundation Year is a pre-university program for international students. Our eight month courses are designed to help you meet the entry requirements for university in Australia and provide a direct pathway to a bachelor degree at Swinburne.

Swinburne offers the following Foundation Year courses:

  • Swinburne Foundation Year (Arts/Social Sciences) (8 months
  • Swinburne Foundation Year (Business) (8 months
  • Swinburne Foundation Year (Design) (8 months
  • Swinburne Foundation Year (Science/Engineering) (8 months

UniLink diplomas

UniLink diplomas are a way to start your university study in a more supportive environment.

The content is based on bachelor degree courses, but you will have more contact hours, smaller class sizes, and more one-on-one time with your teachers.

Successful completion provides entry into a bachelor degree with advanced standing.

Swinburne offers the following eight month UniLink diplomas:

  • Diploma of Arts and Communications (UniLink) (8 months)
  • Diploma of Business (UniLink) (8 months
  • Diploma of Design (UniLink) (8 months
  • Diploma of Engineering (UniLink) (8 months
  • Diploma of Health Science (UniLink) (8 months
  • Diploma of Information Technology (UniLink) (8 months
  • Diploma of Science (UniLink) (8 months)

Diplomas and certificates

Our diplomas and certificates equip you with skills for work. They are taught by experienced practitioners who have invaluable workplace insight and industry connections. The courses are work based to help you build the practical skills and technical expertise needed for the workforce.

Diplomas and certificates can provide pathways to a bachelor degree with the possibility of gaining advanced standing.

Masters Qualifying Program - Business

The Masters Qualifying Program - Business (MQP) caters to students who do not meet Swinburne's English language and/or academic entry requirements for a postgraduate business program. The program combines English language training and academic studies to equip students with the skills they need to succeed in postgraduate study.

Successful completion of the MQP provides students a guaranteed pathway to the first year of a range of postgraduate degrees and double degrees within the business and management discipline.

Current pathway arrangements

Search our degrees, diplomas and master programs, and find information about pathways to a degree.

Transferring to Swinburne

If you have been studying at another institution and would like to transfer and study at Swinburne, you may be eligible to receive credit and enter a course with advanced standing.