Meeting societal challenges begins with a legal understanding.

We believe in preparing students to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse and complex society. That’s why we offer law courses at Swinburne.

Whether you want to be in the spotlight in a court room or make a difference behind the scenes, Swinburne has a law course to get you there. Our law degrees and diplomas offer more than theory, with diverse opportunities to get hands-on experience. Depending on your course, you could attend crime scenes, present evidence in a Moot Court or undertake work placements in industry while you study.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to the workplace.

A Swinburne law course could lead to a future in law firms, local and county court settings, policing, government departments, educational organisations and more.

Students walking down John Street at Hawthorn campus on a bright, sunny day.

Quality education for our students


Swinburne’s laws degree have come out on top in the 2017 Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching results.

Students surveyed ranked Swinburne's Bachelor of Laws first among Victorian universities in student experience categories ‘teaching quality’ and ‘overall quality of educational experience’.

Dina Laws/Business profile economics

My teachers are always inspiring me to make the most of the opportunities Swinburne provides. They are aware of the competitive job market and are constantly encouraging me to partake in meaningful experiences that will provide terrific professional development opportunities and help me stand out from the crowd.


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