Games and Interactivity

Working in gaming is about understanding where media comes in to play.

We understand the integral role gaming plays in today’s society – to the point where it has developed a culture of its own. That’s why we offer games and interactivity courses at Swinburne.

Our games and interactivity courses provide the opportunity to understand the role of games in modern society and how gaming is developing as a cultural industry. You’ll tackle a range of analog and digital game projects: It’s our way of helping you develop practical, research and communication skills in a game lab environment. We also address how games and other media are increasingly merging, by combining units from media and communications courses.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to the workplace. Future careers can be found in game and interface design, interactive content creation, rapid prototyping and more.

Discover Pogo!

Games and Interactivity graduate Laura discusses the 2D platformer digital game she co-designed as part of her course: 'Pogo!'.

Watch out for Elephant Dash

David, a Games and Interactivity graduate, co-designed ‘Elephant Dash’ as part of his degree – a game that was played by thousands of people at PAX Australia and showcased at Melbourne’s Federation Square.

A game made by Swinburne graduates has been released on a Nintendo console.

Graduate success


A team of Swinburne games and interactivity graduates started Harmonious Games in 2016 and launched their first game, Putty Pals. 

Now, the team are celebrating the release of Putty Pals on the Nintendo Switch console.

The Swinburne Advantage

We turn knowing into know-how.

We believe an undergraduate education must be about more than knowledge. In today’s competitive job market, it must be about true job readiness.

Work Integrated Learning allows you to gain professional experience as part of your studies at Swinburne. It’s just a matter of choosing the opportunity that suits your future.

Choose from professional degrees, professional placements, professional internships, industry-linked projects, industry study tours and accreditation placements. There are also a range of other opportunities you can create.

You’ll build invaluable skills and confidence in knowing you have what it takes to land a job in your field by graduation.

We think it’s an approach that makes the adventure worth taking. See for yourself.
The Swinburne Advantage. Available to all new undergraduates.

Games graduate Emre at NASA.

Graduate success


Games and Interactivity graduate, Emre Deniz, is the creative lead of Earthlight, a virtual reality game set on the International Space Station.

The game received so much attention from across the world that Emre and his colleagues at Opaque Media Group were invited to tour the facilities at NASA. This is the first time Australian game designers have been invited on-site.

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