Corporate Governance

Drive positive change in governance of organisations

Almost every corporate and business scandal that hits the headlines has its roots in poor governance, risk and culture. Corporate governance has become a must-have skill in your business toolkit. Don’t wait for the mistakes to happen, seize the opportunity to be a leader in this field.

Corporate governance is about decision-making within organisations: who makes them; what influences them and what values they embody.

Understand the legal, economic, social and moral implications of your organisation’s decisions by studying our Master of Corporate Governance.

You’ll develop a deep awareness of how governance affects every tier of organisations, from the bottom to the very top. Learn how to design, manage and oversee appropriate decision-making methodologies to navigate complex governance issues with confidence.

These are the functions you’ll have increasing responsibility for as your career progresses inside big or small, for profit or for purpose organisations. From management roles to becoming an organisational director, with ultimate responsibility for the performance and strategic direction of the business you run.

When you complete this postgraduate course, you’ll leave with the edge of being a capable, governance focussed professional, capable of participating in and driving a governance agenda in risk management, project management, cyber security, legal compliance and fraud prevention, investment portfolio governance, data management, senior and executive management and non-executive director roles.

Corp Governance - Testimonial

Corporate Governance Student Experiences

Undertaking the Compliance & Risk subject, LAW70001, provided an opportunity to delve into recent topical risk and compliance events underpinned with robust discussion of relevant cases.  The high quality of the course content, course facilitators and external speaker presentations regarding emerging risks, risk culture and legislative and compliance frameworks significantly expanded my knowledge base. More specifically, it has helped with discussions regarding how our organisation will be approaching risk culture including measuring it and using the lessons learnt in the profiled case studies, to improve our risk management program.  An informative and well run program.

Dhiba Daniel
Senior Risk & Assurance Business Partner, REA Group

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