Built Environment and Architecture

Harness your spatial creativity in design.

From crafting areas that promote wellbeing, to engineering bridges and designing interiors for the future – choose a course in Built Environment and Architecture at Swinburne, and you’ll learn how to apply innovation in spaces far and wide.

At Swinburne, we believe in building environments that learn from the past, while embracing new technology. That’s why our courses focus on rigorous craftsmanship, as well as innovation.

You’ll leave with a powerful creative toolkit, helping you master the built environments you’re most passionate about – whether that’s using your know-how to design the walls and floors of buildings, outside of structures, or the land they stand on.

Choose to use your thirst for knowledge to discover the mathematics behind waterways, the art of designing interiors, or an environmental approach to the world we live in.

A course in Built Environment and Architecture will give you the best chance to step forward and become the architect, designer or engineer you’ve always wanted to be.

Jane Burry portrait shot inside the AMDC

Teaching success


Bringing recent success from her position at one of the most famous symbols of world architecture, Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família Church in Barcelona, Jane Burry is now taking on the position of Dean of the School of Design here at Swinburne.

Burry's role as Dean coincides with the release of Swinburne's new architecture courses.


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