Addressing the demand for data scientists with research scale

The Data Science Research Institute provides research scale for data scientists to address big data needs across industry.

Solving real-world health challenges

Discover how the Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute is working towards citizen-centric healthcare that facilities and provides personalised treatments across the human lifespan.

Leading the way in Industry 4.0

Discover the research underway in the Manufacturing Futures Research Institute that will drive and establish Australia’s first Industry 4.0 Test Lab.

What are smart cities and smart citizens?

Smart cities raise the standard of living and encourage citizens to participate in decisions about the urban environment. The Smart Cities Research Institute addresses the challenges facing fast-growing cities all over the world.

Dealing with complex social problems

The Social Innovation Research Institute facilitate teams to solve complex social problems, comprising researchers, practitioners and community members from diverse and appropriate backgrounds.

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Swinburne research institutes

The Swinburne research institutes foster interdisciplinary collaboration. They link researchers with industry, business and community to maximise research impact. Their approach is outward oriented, and outcomes and impact focused.
Our research institutes drive and facilitate high-impact interdisciplinary research in collaboration with industry, business and the community. This innovative approach focuses on our expertise, ensuring research has positive social and economic impact, on local and global scales.

Professor Aleksandar Subic Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development)

Contact the Swinburne research institutes

Please contact us for general enquiries across our five research institutes. We can connect you to the right people for further conversations.

Call +61 3 9214 5177